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Creative Cookware in Murphys, CA

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About Us

Creative Cookware in Murphys, CA

Creative Cookware, A Kitchen Essentials Store, is located in the heart of historic downtown Murphys, California.

This idyllic location in the Central Sierra Foothills is surrounded by award winning wineries, restaurants, art galleries and boutiques. You'll Discover an array of kitchen gadgets, unique items, cook books and products produced locally; the United States, Europe and South America.

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Cookbooks and Dinnerware

Our products consist of top quality culinary tools and resources for today's modern chefs.

They bring the latest technologies and craft ware to your cooking pleasure and dining experience. Come browse through our store to discover the perfect gift for yourself and others.

We provide a wide variety hard to find items and unique kitchen items for the most enjoyable and pleasurable shopping experience.

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