Pepper & Salt Mills

Fletchers’ Mill’s Wooden Pepper and Salt Mills are handcrafted in Maine, USA, and are available in a wide variety of colors, wood finishes and sizes. Fletchers Mill’s selection of peppermills and salt mills are built to deliver a lifetime of service to both professional and home chef.

Who is Fletchers’ Mill?

Fletcher Salt & Pepper Mills

In 1971, brothers Wayne and Earl Fletcher mortgaged their homes and took ownership of an antiquated wood mill. Wayne’s sons Doug, Gary and Jody have owned and operated the business since 1994. All 3 of these brothers worked at the company for years before taking ownership. Each slowly graduated from sawmill workers, to machine operators, to mechanics, to supervisors. Today, around 100 people are employed at our factory located in the lakes and mountain region.

Today the Fletcher family business has its own modernized sawmill. Logs are purchased from local loggers and processed into boards, squares and dowels. The wood is then dried in one of 6 kilns. Once prepared the wood is then introduced into the manufacturing facility where it is turned or molded into one of thousands of various items the mill produces. As Doug Fletcher likes to say “From raw logs to the finished product the entire process is done in house and under a watchful eye. That is why the Fletchers are proud to say Made in Maine, Guaranteed for Life.”

Sustainably Made

Fletchers’ Mill supports Sustainable Forest Practices within our Supply Chain. Sustainability has a positive impact on workers and our surrounding communities, resulting in a positive economic and environmental impact in the forests and woodlands of our region. By working to promote environmentally and socially beneficial policies, our local communities and society benefit. In addition, we also recycle all of our wood waste and wood generated from the manufacturing process.

Peugeot Mills

A symbol for great chefs and dining tables, Peugeot’s iconic mills are available in exclusive collections to enhance diversity.


Popular throughout the world, the Paris model is the undisputed benchmark for pepper mills. Its classic silhouette in wood enhanced by its gloss finish gives it a highly contemporary touch.

This Paris Select mill is stylish and elegant. It fits in easily on your table. Its patented grinding adjustment system is used for precise selection of the fineness of the pepper as required. There are 6 possible settings. Made in France, this manual pepper mill is equipped with the Peugeot mechanism in steel, which comes with a lifetime guarantee.


In their transparent showcase, the peppercorns or salt held within the Nancy mill are an invitation to an adventure through flavors. With its timeless design, the Peugeot Nancy mill is an essential for the table and the kitchen.

Produced entirely in acrylic, it shows off its contents and means that the reservoir being empty is never a sudden surprise. The adjustment knob, placed on the top of the mill, is used to adjust grinding precisely, from the finest to the coarsest, to exactly match the flavors that you want.