Sciabica’s Olive Oils

Sciabicas-olive-oilCongratulations Sciabica’s Oil of the Olive. Their Jalapeño Olive Oil was honored with Best of Show at the 2015 California State Fair Olive Oil Competition! The Basil also received the Gold. Both are on sale here in the store.

Sciabica’s evolution in olive oil production: In 1936 we shoveled olive mash into bags to “squeeze” the oil out. Today, modern centrifuges “spin” the oil.



Sciabicas Mission Olive OilExtra Virgin Olive Oil

The Mission Variety Spring Harvest varietal olive oil has a lush buttery flavor, with a delicate underlying touch of sweetness and subtle notes of olive blossoms. Artisan-crafted from sun-ripened black olives, this brilliant golden oil is superb as a heart-healthy butter replacement, and enhances the flavor of pastry and cake preparation. Try using it with a touch of sea salt for buttery-flavored popcorn – without the butter!




Sciabicas Jalpeno Olive OilJalapeno Olive Oil

Spicy and scrumptious! We’ve captured all the hot peppery zing of crisp Jalapeños picked at their fullest flavor, and pressed them with our perfectly ripened olives to craft an olive oil that’s the very essence of Jalapeño taste.

Mildly spicy, our Jalapeño Extra Virgin olive oil is superb drizzled over steamed or sautéed asparagus, for Chinese stir fry, and to add zest to tacos and guacamole. Or substitute for butter to fry eggs for great Huevos Rancheros or drizzled on popcorn with sea salt for a spicy snack.

Favorite Uses: Jalapeño Asparagus, Frying Eggs, Brush on Panini or Grilled Cheese, Pan Fry Quesadilla



Sciabicas Basil Olive OilBasil Olive Oil

Crisp basil is pressed with just-harvested olives, crafting a blend fragrant with herbal aromas and bursting with basil flavor.

Basil Extra Virgin Olive oil is simply heavenly for bread dipping, sandwich spreads, tossed salads with balsamic vinegar, and drizzled over pasta primavera. If you love pesto and the rich flavor of basil, you’ll really want to try this!

Favorite Uses: Instant Pesto Pasta, Sandwich Spread, Dipping